Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Forever 21 in London!

Anyone else super excited about the launch of Forever 21 in London?! There's adverts everywhere for it at the moment and whilst I was there last weekend I took this picture of one on a black cab. Pretty disappointed I was in London a week early, going to have to get my friends involved in a shopping trip soon to check it out soon, how exciting! 


  1. Thats so good, I hope they make them across the country, shame I live no where near London though :/ xx

  2. OMG! Now I really need to go to London ASAP.

  3. Oh wow, you're so gorgeous! (you probably already know that though)

    Ooh, and I'm also very excited about Forever 21 coming to London. I love that shop so much and have only been able to visit it in the UAE (where my dad lives and I visit sometimes)