Saturday, 20 August 2011

My New Love

I think I'm in love with the colour 'camel'. I was last year, I am this year and I think I will be for years to come. The changes in season can always be noted by the colours of the clothes in the shops. I'm in love with all the Autumnal colours that can be seen at the moment and there's no denying it, camel is in. 

The quality of clothes is important to me. I'd never buy anything scratchy or that feels too cheap. This is why I love the jumper and skirt, they're both so soft, lovely for snuggling up on Autumn nights.

In my last post I showed you the pieces I had recently bought, so here is a few pictures of me wearing them- I'm a firm believer in trying things on even if they look strange on  the hanger so I thought you might like to see me actually wearing the clothes. It was pretty sunny when these pictures were taken so I had to stay in the same shady spot in my garden, I hope you don't get too bored of this, I have a few more outfits to show you standing there! 

Jumper- H&M
Maxi Skirt- River Island
Leggings- Topshop
Leopard Print Ballet Pumps - Miss Selfridge
Buckle Shoes- River Island


  1. I love both of those outfits! I don't own anything camel but I need that jumper, it's lovely xx

  2. im in love with camel right now too :) those outfits are gorgeous <3 x

  3. ahh i love camel too, i can't wait for autumn and winter when i can wear it all the time :)
    I love the jumper xx

  4. I really like camel as well, but sadly it looks super weird on me, something to do with my skintone :( Both of these outfits are really cute and you're very pretty! <3

  5. I also like the camel colour, it looks so chic! :)

  6. Camel is a great colour; always makes clothes look expensive I think.

    The maxi skirt is particularly lovely. x

  7. You're like a lil fairy... tooo pretty! Love both of these looks, the colours are perfect with your blonde hair too :) :)

  8. love, the last 2 photo's!
    youre lovely.
    you got a nice blog!
    Í'm following now
    wanna follow me?

  9. Lovely outfits! Great blog, I'm following :D xx

  10. Hey, im a new follower! :)
    After seeing this maxi skirt, i had to purchase it straight away! Now its happily sitting in my wardrobe! :)