Friday, 19 August 2011

Recent Purchases ♥

Just a few collective purchases from some recent shopping trips. I'm trying to buy more practical clothes at the moment in preparation for going back to sixth form and finishing my A Levels, whilst still remaining fashionable!

From the top:
Aztec Dress- River Island £20
Camel Striped Jumper- H&M £14.99
Black and White Stripe Top- H&M £9.99
Imitation Leather Jacket- Zara £39.99
Maxi Skirt- River Island £25
Leggings- River Island £10

The Aztec stlyle earrings are from Primark and were only £2, I love them! I got the skull earrings from Topshop for £5 (although I'm not sure its clear from my picture that they are skulls!) and the lipstick is Creme d'Nude by Mac. I've been wearing this non stop lately, I don't know why I didn't own this before.

I've taken a few pictures of me wearing al these pieces and I will upload them shortly, hope you like them! 

Edit: After it was pointed out in the comments I have now included the price of the jacket, thanks for letting me know :)


  1. this is like my entire wishlist in a haul post! haha. i've been eyeing up those jumper in H&M, especially in the camel one - going to be my winter staples! and creme d'nude has been on my to-get list forevs! xoxo

  2. all these are awesome, in love with every single bit of clothing! both the earrings are beautiful! x

    ramz and the flock

  3. Love all of these :) Where is the leather jacket from? Love the lipstick by the way, would love to see what it looks like on :) x

  4. The leather jacket is from Zara! It was £39.99 I think, forgot to say xxx

  5. & Obviously its not real leather but its really soft and doesn't feel plastic-y at all like some imitation leather jackets :) xxx

  6. I am desperate for those primark earrings they are so pretty, I can never find them though :(

  7. The jacket's lovely, I might have to head to Zara and grab one :) I've had my eye on that jumper in H&M for a while, lovely colour! xx

  8. Love the jacket, love the lipstick and love the earrings! I wish we had Primark... :)

  9. Love the jacket and earrings! I absolutely love wearing Creme d'Nude, it looks so pretty on xx

  10. Your style is right up my street. You have bought some lovely things! x