Thursday, 20 October 2011

Skin Care Haul

I thought I'd share some recent skincare additions I've bought over the past month, some are new and some I've re-purchased again and again- that's just how much I love them!

I've been using this for ages! I started incorporating this into my skincare regime long before I knew about blogging and long before I knew about the hype that surrounded it. It was my mum who actually introduced this to me a few years ago as I was having problems with my skin and I've been using it ever since! I have tried some products in between using this but nothing is as good, my skin feels softer and clearer after using this, I love it.

I've been using this once a week for a month now and I love this! It's a thick cream you put on your face before bed and when you wake up just wash it (or cleanse it) away and your skin feels so smooth and soft. I suffer from patches of extremely dry and sensitive skin on my face and this really helps it to recover.

I received a sample of this moisturiser when I used my face mask and now can't live without it! It's a bit pricey at £26 but it really makes makes my skin glow before make up! It has a releases a sheer tint as you rub it in but this has no coverage, you would still need to wear foundation or tinted moisturiser over the top. This is a lovely product!

These remove eye make up and mascara like a dream. It claims they also remove water proof mascara as well although I haven't tried this. They are surprisingly moisurising and non greasy. 

I've not tried these so I don't know how good they are but I hope they are alright for my skin! I only use face wipes when I come in from nights out so fingers crossed they work nicely :) 

What skin care products are you loving? What have you bought recently?


  1. Great haul! I really really want to try the liz earle face products - they are the top of my wishlist! :) xx

  2. Ohh ive been looking to try new skin care products as the ones im using arent working as well anymore! great haul, gave me lots of things to look out for!

  3. I'm on the hunt for some good face wipes. Lots of them have started to irriate my skin around my eyes, so I have about 5 packs at the moment. The best I've found are the Olay daily wipes, which I'll be repurchasing for sure! x

  4. I really want to try those eye make-up remover pads and the Cleanse and Polish now! My skin is soo bad at the moment, I'm desperate for any product to work wonders xx

  5. Im planning to try out both Liz Earle and Origins as I've heard so much about them.

  6. nice haul.. i want to try origins products !