Sunday, 4 December 2011

My favourite Red

Firstly, apologies for the hideously huge pictures of my lips but here I am wearing my new lipstick from Mac in 'So Chaud' and I was desperate to do a post on what it looks like on! I rarely buy bright colours and have only ever bought one other red lipstick-which ended up being the most unflattering shade imaginable and made my teeth look yellow (not a good look!). Since then I'd been nervous of reds, but still in the back of my mind wanted one, if only I could find a shade to suit me. 

I recently had collected six Mac empties to 'Back 2 Mac' and I decided to go for a colour I wouldn't normally purchase. I'd seen Louise from Made in Chelsea wear a red lipstick that had a lot of orange tones rather than the usually blue tones and thought that it was gorgeous, so the lady in Mac helped me pick this one out. It's not an exact copy of Louise's lipstick (I'm still on the hunt for that shade!) but I really love it. Its matt which I wouldn't normally go for but I think the fact that it is matt makes it a lot more wearable than other reds. I've never really heard of anyone talk about this lipstick but I think it's one that people need to have in their collection!

Red lipsticks are really on trend at the moment and they are the perfect way to jazz up a LBD for a night out. I can't wait to wear this for the Christmas party season as I think this lipstick is so festive! Hope everyone has had a lovely week and is looking forward to Christmas. Do you wear red lipstick?


Mac Lipstick- So Chaud


  1. That is gorgeous! I need to buy this lol xx

  2. I love this shade, i only have two reds in my collection but i dont have one like this!

  3. This is really gorgeous! This type of red is really flattering :) xx

  4. Such a gorgeous red! I NEED IT!

  5. For one I LOVE Mac
    For Two this color is very nice, but also very nice on you :-)

    Check my blog out too when you get the chance <3