Friday, 6 January 2012

New Top and Nails OOTD

I bought this top a few days before Christmas from Urban Outfitters and felt it needed mentioning in my blog very soon. I saw it first on Barbara's Youtube Channel (ThePersianBabe) where she showed it in this video- link! 

The brand is Sparkle and Fade, which I haven't come across before and it feels very soft and feels expensive even though it cost just £25. It has a slight woven texture which you can't really see here but it definitely makes it a bit more unique.

 I love everything about it from the way it hangs to how it feels, however if I was able to make one small improvement, I'd say it needs to be a little longer! I had this problem with my ASOS top as well. Nothing in the product description mentions it being short (not cropped, short) and I'm fairly small so I'm not sure how it would look on taller people. That aside, short tops are definitely in at the moment, so I'm embracing the look anyway! For those wondering, when I wear it, I either tuck it in or wear a black tank top underneath.

The second part of this post is regarding my nails. As you may have known if you have read my blog for a while, I usually wear acrylic nails. I was very happy with them but unfortunately, due to my nail technician having an operation, I had to go a long time without getting in fills. After about 5 weeks (I normally only go 3!) my nails were in a terrible state and it was so close to Christmas everywhere was booked up to get them sorted out. In the end, my local salon saved the day and gave me an appointment for 'Artistic Colour Gloss' nails, which is basically another brand of 'Shellac'. I soaked off my nails and got a gel manicure for the first time ever!

I've had my nails like this for almost 2 weeks and they are lasting very well except for my  right thumb nail which now has a large chip in it. I can only put this down to my nails being so week and bendy from my acrylics.

Would I get them again? For £32, perhaps not, they were very expensive, but then again, I did enjoy them whilst they lasted. I think if I stopped having acrylic nails these would be 
perfect for the odd occasion but I can't see myself getting them again soon.

Does anyone else have experiences of gel manicures? It seems like they suit everyone but me! 

Sparkle and Fade Top - Urban Outfitters - Link!
Wire Headband- Primark



  1. That top is GORGEOUS! I want it!

  2. I had gel manicure done twice in my life, but I doubt I'll be getting it again. It completely destroyed my nails.

  3. Gorgeous top! Love the print!

    The Deer Head


  4. the top is sooo cute ) and your nails look soo nice xx

  5. i love that jumper.. super cute
    how have i not known about your blog?
    everyday im finding new blogs i love and yours is deffo in that category!
    lovely pics

  6. that top is simply amazing, it looks perfect on you! (:

  7. love your blog!

  8. Love this top and your nails! xxx