Sunday, 11 December 2011

OOTD- My Heart Skips a Beat

I wanted to share with you my new purchase which I'm sure will become one of my 'most worn' items. It's this gorgeous jacquard/ Aztec knit cardigan from New Look which I bought yesterday. It's not something I normally go for, I was really looking for a black and white cardigan but I spotted this and knew immediately I had to buy it! Okay, so it's made of Nylon and Acrylic and it's not the softest of cardigans (it's not itchy at all though!) but it's only £27.99 compared to the £50+ prices of very similar items from Topshop and River Island! Don't be fooled, this doesn't look cheap in person and I can't wait to layer it up so I'm all snug over Christmas.

I've paired this Cardigan with my *new* Leigh Jeans from Topshop. I lost my other ones for about 3 weeks and in a panic ordered the coated ones to replace them by mistake. However I love the coated jeans, there is something about them that makes my legs look all skinny and long when I wear them which is a bonus. For those wondering, I found my old jeans 2 days after buying some more, so now I have two pairs of black jeans to alternate (I wear them a lot!).

I'm also wearing a plain, black 3/4 sleeve top from H&M as I really wanted to show this knit off to it's full potential. Lastly I can't miss out the cute earrings I picked up from Primark and this super cosy snood- also from Primark! As you may have noticed, I don't wear a lot of jewellery other than earrings and my signet ring (on my little finger) . I think it's because I find it too fussy for Sixth Form but I'd like to start wearing more if anyone has any suggestions of nice pieces.

On a side note, I like how my hair looks today. I don't think I've ever shown it 'up' but yesterday I curled it and so today I thought I'd put it into a messy ponytail. I like to wrap a bit of hair round the band- I think it finishes it off nicely! I'm trying to grow my fringe out and although I'd like it a tiny bit longer round my face, I not as afraid to go out without clipping it out of my face as I was. Finally I wanted to say that I just can't wait until Christmas! Our decorations are going up tomorrow and I hope to squeeze in some last minute Christmas shopping into the next couple of weeks. Sorry for the super long ramble, I had a lot to say today!

Cardigan- New Look (it's in the shops but I can't find it on line)
Plain Black Top- H&M
Black Coated Leigh Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Miss Selfridge
Earrings- Topshop
Ring- Topshop
Snood- Primark

Album I'm currently listening to: Olly Murs- In Case You Didn't Know
(Did anybody notice the reference in the title of this post? I'm obsessed!)


  1. I absolutely love that cardigan! Looks great on you! xxx

  2. Hi I really like your blog and your so pretty, It would mean a lot if you could check out my blog anf if your interest in following each other let me know or follow me & ill follow you back :)

  3. I have the Primark snood too although I bought the burgandy one. Mine smelt funny when I first got it though, almost like curry :\ I'm hoping it was the dye though. Next time I go into Primark I'm going to buy the grey one - it goes with so much more than red does xx

  4. that cardigan is perfect!xo

  5. wonderful outfit and wonderful blog. watch my, too.

  6. This cardi is gorgeous! I thought it must've been vintage xx

  7. Love thus cardi. Aztec looks amazing with all black. X

  8. Thanks for the comments :)

    @Sarah: Mine doesn't smell funny, but it does shed a lot of fluff. I still like it though for the price :)

    @Josie: Thanks, I thought it looked vintage-style when I saw it in the shop too, I like things that look a little vintage :)


  9. I like your blog, and your look such light and beautiful =)
    I follow you,visit too my blog please =)

  10. cute, I love the cardigan!