Sunday, 11 December 2011

OOTD- My Heart Skips a Beat

I wanted to share with you my new purchase which I'm sure will become one of my 'most worn' items. It's this gorgeous jacquard/ Aztec knit cardigan from New Look which I bought yesterday. It's not something I normally go for, I was really looking for a black and white cardigan but I spotted this and knew immediately I had to buy it! Okay, so it's made of Nylon and Acrylic and it's not the softest of cardigans (it's not itchy at all though!) but it's only £27.99 compared to the £50+ prices of very similar items from Topshop and River Island! Don't be fooled, this doesn't look cheap in person and I can't wait to layer it up so I'm all snug over Christmas.

I've paired this Cardigan with my *new* Leigh Jeans from Topshop. I lost my other ones for about 3 weeks and in a panic ordered the coated ones to replace them by mistake. However I love the coated jeans, there is something about them that makes my legs look all skinny and long when I wear them which is a bonus. For those wondering, I found my old jeans 2 days after buying some more, so now I have two pairs of black jeans to alternate (I wear them a lot!).

I'm also wearing a plain, black 3/4 sleeve top from H&M as I really wanted to show this knit off to it's full potential. Lastly I can't miss out the cute earrings I picked up from Primark and this super cosy snood- also from Primark! As you may have noticed, I don't wear a lot of jewellery other than earrings and my signet ring (on my little finger) . I think it's because I find it too fussy for Sixth Form but I'd like to start wearing more if anyone has any suggestions of nice pieces.

On a side note, I like how my hair looks today. I don't think I've ever shown it 'up' but yesterday I curled it and so today I thought I'd put it into a messy ponytail. I like to wrap a bit of hair round the band- I think it finishes it off nicely! I'm trying to grow my fringe out and although I'd like it a tiny bit longer round my face, I not as afraid to go out without clipping it out of my face as I was. Finally I wanted to say that I just can't wait until Christmas! Our decorations are going up tomorrow and I hope to squeeze in some last minute Christmas shopping into the next couple of weeks. Sorry for the super long ramble, I had a lot to say today!

Cardigan- New Look (it's in the shops but I can't find it on line)
Plain Black Top- H&M
Black Coated Leigh Jeans- Topshop
Bag- Miss Selfridge
Earrings- Topshop
Ring- Topshop
Snood- Primark

Album I'm currently listening to: Olly Murs- In Case You Didn't Know
(Did anybody notice the reference in the title of this post? I'm obsessed!)

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My favourite Red

Firstly, apologies for the hideously huge pictures of my lips but here I am wearing my new lipstick from Mac in 'So Chaud' and I was desperate to do a post on what it looks like on! I rarely buy bright colours and have only ever bought one other red lipstick-which ended up being the most unflattering shade imaginable and made my teeth look yellow (not a good look!). Since then I'd been nervous of reds, but still in the back of my mind wanted one, if only I could find a shade to suit me. 

I recently had collected six Mac empties to 'Back 2 Mac' and I decided to go for a colour I wouldn't normally purchase. I'd seen Louise from Made in Chelsea wear a red lipstick that had a lot of orange tones rather than the usually blue tones and thought that it was gorgeous, so the lady in Mac helped me pick this one out. It's not an exact copy of Louise's lipstick (I'm still on the hunt for that shade!) but I really love it. Its matt which I wouldn't normally go for but I think the fact that it is matt makes it a lot more wearable than other reds. I've never really heard of anyone talk about this lipstick but I think it's one that people need to have in their collection!

Red lipsticks are really on trend at the moment and they are the perfect way to jazz up a LBD for a night out. I can't wait to wear this for the Christmas party season as I think this lipstick is so festive! Hope everyone has had a lovely week and is looking forward to Christmas. Do you wear red lipstick?


Mac Lipstick- So Chaud