Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nars- Isolde

Larger swatches next time, promise!
The packaging after only about two weeks! 
First things first. I love Nars eye shadows. I've only ever bought two Nars duos but I've swatched other colours countless times (I'm looking at you Nars Kalahari!) and the pigmentation and texture of these shadows is to die for!

I recently got a new addition to my Nars eye shadow collection, the duo in Isolde. I've been wanting these shades for a while, as, having green eyes I know that golds and bronzes really make them stand out. I was going to wait until my next trip to London in March to get this from Space N.K but a few weeks ago ASOS had a 20% off student discount day so I used the opportunity to snap this up!

I can't describe how much I love these shadows. They're creamy, blend well and are long lasting (I use them over U.D primer potion!). I actually really like the 'duo' concept as I can use just two shadows for my whole eye look and yet it still looks complete. These are also great for travelling as they're so small and compact. They come with a huge (for an eye shadow) mirror on the reverse of the lid which for on-the-go is perfect for touch ups and even general eye make up application.

The colours in Isolde are stunning. They really catch the light and look lovely on the eyes. I've been wearing this duo as my only eye make up for around 3 weeks now and still haven't got bored with how great it looks. The one tiny downside to this product (and all Nars products for that matter!) is the packaging gets so grubby! Even if I just keep this in a draw, my fingerprints get all over the matte black exterior and stop it from looking so nice.. It looks loved and well used though which I suppose is  a good thing!

Have you tried any Nars products? What are your favourites? I only have a few things but I'm eager to try more so any suggestions would be welcome! 


P.S Do you like my new header? I know it's nothing spectacular, but I'm very proud of it. I made it myself and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I like my blog to look simple and organised so I think it works well with the theme :) I'm hoping to keep improving my blog, a little bit at a time so you may notice some more changes soon!


  1. Ahh I've wanted this particular duo for so long! it is a bit pricey but I think I may just have to get it the colours really do look stunning x

  2. This duo has such pretty colours! :) xx

  3. oo this looks lovely :) I'm tempted haha xx

  4. Such nice colours ! Loving the header, so clean and neat, you did great ! xx / @ClayAndBeauty

  5. I love the look of this duo, the colours are perfect! I can't wait to buy it xxx

  6. loving the color!

  7. I really want to try this! Looks lovely. I love golds/browns on blue eyes!! Xx.

  8. This looks great - thanks for the tip !


  9. Looks beautiful!

  10. I love this duo both shadows are gorgeous :) I love the way your blog looks it definitely comes across the way you want it to :)
    Lauren xx