Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Review: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

I thought I'd write a little review today on my absolute favourite skin care product: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. I'm aware that everyone in the blogging community seems to have reviewed this however it doesn't hurt to have another opinion, especially if you're new to reading blogs! I have not been sent this, I buy it myself and want to share my love for it!

What is it and how does it work?
The Cleanse and Polish is a 'hot cloth cleanser'. To use it, I massage the thick cream into my skin (with or without makeup on- personally I generally use this to remove my makeup) for a few minutes. Next I take the muslin cloth provided in the starter kit and run it under hot water. I squeeze out the excess and buff the cloth onto my skin in circular motions to remove the product and gently exfoliate at the same time. I finish by rinsing my face, patting it dry and admiring the baby soft skin that is left.

What I like about this product:
The consitancy is amazing. It's thick and creamy so literally melts into the skin. Heavenly.
The smell is lovely, it's a light, fairly floral fragrance which makes the cleanser feel luxurious when used. 
The use of the muslin cloth means that my skin gets a mild exfoliation everyday which keeps it looking bright and clear. It also helps my skin to feel so soft upon use.
The ingredients. This cleanser contains Chamomile for soothing, Rosemary for it's antioxidant properties, Hops extract for toning and Cocoa Butter for moisture.

I've been using this product since before I'd even heard about blogging and Youtube. In fact, it was my Mum who first introduced me to the Liz Earle cleanser when, aged 14, I needed to remove the thick stage make-up I had on for a dance show. Of course I hardly wore make-up then so didn't start using it regularly until I was 15/16. However four years on from that day and I still remain loyal to this product. Although I have dabbled into the realms of other cleansers, I always come back to this and I rarely break out when I'm using it. In case you're wondering, I have dry/ normal skin, however I know that this works for people with oily skin too so whatever your skin type, don't be afraid to give this a try.

I buy the 200ml because I think it's the best value. I know that I like the product so I'd rather buy the big size every few months. You can buy it directly from Liz Earle- Link!

Have you ever tried this cleanser or do you have another favourite?



  1. I think I might buy this soon, I must be the last person in blog land to try it! x

  2. I only brought this cleanser last week but don't know how I lived without it! x

  3. I am really tempted to try this but I already have the No. 7 version that i need to use. Also i'm pretty lazy with cleansing and so i always favour something i don't need to be in the bathroom over a sink to use, sad by true! Would love to give it a go someday though. x

  4. I should really try this again, my results weren't too good last time, maybe I need to stick it out longer..

    Also, I don't suppose you'd be interested in buying a Clarisonic Mia? I'm selling one on my blog, it'd be great if you could check it out! Here's a link: xxx

  5. Ive reviewed this product also! :)
    I love it, deff one of my must haves!

  6. i wanted to love it but it irritates my skin :( i think it's the eucalyptus in it, it's quite strong! smells just like my eucalyptus chewing gum lol

  7. I love this too. I've used it for years and for christmas my mum got me a whole Liz Earle set with shampoo and toner and face mask stuff its AMAZING! Love this stuff!

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  9. Love Liz Earle! Just found your blog, now following xx

  10. Really want to try this one day ! definitely on my wish list, loved your review ! xx

  11. woop woop for cleanse and polish! I use it too and love it! It is the only cleanser that really gets all my makeup off in one go


  12. Great review.. you take great pics and your blog is really cute.. im following.. xx