Thursday, 29 March 2012

Blue My Mind

Just a quick post to let you know what nail polish I've been loving lately! It's called 'Blue My Mind' and is from H&M. I've never really thought to look in H&M for nail colours but after seeing the electric blue nail trend on a few blogs I knew I needed to join in! For £2.99 this nail polish is super cheap and really good quality. The colour looked gorgeous after 2 coats and it has lasted well on my nails (my nails are acrylic so it will obviously chip less, but it has lasted a lot longer than other nail polishes I've used on them!). 

This colour is gorgeous. I was a bit doubtful as to whether it suited me at first, but after wearing it for a week I can safely say I adore it. I've had lots of compliments on my nails as well since wearing it :) For £2.99 you can't really go wrong, I'm looking forward to trying the other colours that H&M has to offer!

Also, I think I'm going to start posting more reviews if people want them? They are a lot quicker to blog so I will be able to post more. Of course I'll still be posting my outfits and current face of the day :) 


Cross Ring- Topshop
Skull Ring (toe ring worn as an above knuckle ring) - Topshop

Monday, 26 March 2012

Part Of Me OOTD

I bought this dress when I went shopping on Saturday (and spent too much money, as usual!). I was inspired by Kate (Dolly Bow Bow), who blogged about this dress recently. I adore her style and as soon as I saw this on her blog, I knew it had to be mine! It's from H&M and is a crochet shift dress which I'm sure it would flatter a lot of figures. The sleeves flair out which look cute and adds some interest to the shape of the dress. I absolutely adore this dress and I can see me getting a lot of wear out of it as the weather changes from Winter to Spring. I think it's classy and simple and it would look lovely dressed up in the evening or dressed down during the day. It was £19.99 which is a bargain!

On my feet I am wearing a new purchase, my H&M flatforms! I've wanted flatforms for a while now. I have been interested in the 'Creeper' trend the last few months but they don't go with my style at all, so I never bought any. These flatforms, however, look really cute, and I think they complement the dress well. I also like that they give me a bit of height (I'm 5ft 4in!) so its nice to feel a bit taller every once in a while. They also elongate your legs, and define them- as heels do. They are clumpy, but I like that!

I curled my hair using the Babyliss Conical wand. I don't normally use it because the waves don't last as long as when I use straighteners but I love the relaxed look the wand gives. In addition to the H&M theme of the outfit (I didn't even realise until I was writing this post!) I'm wearing a H&M nail polish, in 'Blue My Mind'. I love the electric blue nail trend that seems to be on all the blogs at the moment so I thought I'd join in. I'm undecided as to whether it suits me but it's an interesting colour nevertheless! I might write a post showing it in more detail if any one is interested?

This week I'm starting to revise for my final exams which are in May and June. It's pretty scary knowing that in a few months I'll know whether I've got a place at university or not! I'm still going to be blogging regularly though, I'll definitely need some down-time here and there :) 

Hope everyone has had a lovely week! 


Dress- H&M
Flatforms- H&M
Cross earrings- River Island
Nail Polish- 'Blue My Mind' H&M

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My Week in Pictures #2

Viva Glam Nicki Minaj | Some Pretty Cool Trousers! | Tidying My Dressing Table | New Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner | Barry M Peach Melba | Some Sweet Treats | Me | My Dog | Mothers Day Choccies, mmm

Just a quick mid-week picture update for you all :) Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! I have Sixth Form in about half an hour but when I get back I'm going to try and write some new posts for my blog. I need some inspiration though, so if anyone has any requests then let me know! 

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Thanks to the lovely Milly (Pearls and Poodles) mentioning my blog I've received some new followers :) I'm always willing to answer any questions you have for me on Twitter so check it out! 


Monday, 19 March 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know OOTD

I bought this gorgeous top a couple of weeks ago to wear to my brother's 21st birthday and I wore it out again yesterday to a family meal for mother's day which was nice.  It's from Topshop and I think unfortunately it's sold out at the moment, but it's worth checking in the stores and the website every now and again because they often bring back the really popular pieces. 

The top is silky and expensive feeling with a stunning beaded collar. I can't tell you how much I love this top. It's elegant, classy and can be worn day or night with so many different pieces! It was around £30 I think, so quite expensive, but it's worth every penny. Peter Pan collar tops have been 'in' for a while but it doesn't look like they're going anywhere! The beads really do make this top unique from the others out there.

I've paired this top with my coated Leigh Jeans, also from Topshop. The top itself is quite short so would also lend itself well to  be worn with a high waisted skirt, which is exactly how I wore it to my brother's birthday.

The pink blazer is from River Island. I bought it over a month ago but you can still get it on line. I've only worn it a few times (mainly on nights out!) because it's been too cold for a cropped, light weight blazer but I couldn't wait much longer to wear it! I think it really adds something to the look and I'm so pleased I can finally say I have a pink blazer in my collection! 

I hope you all like this Outfit Of The Day, they are definitely my favourite thing to blog about, it's a shame they are also the most time consuming to blog about as well! Hope you had a good weekend :)


Top- Topshop
Leigh Jeans- Topshop
Blazer- River Island- Link
Boots- New Look
Bracelet- Accessorize
Earrings- Accessorize
Heart Ring- Primark
Cross Ring- Topshop
Nail Colour- Barry M Peach Melba- 318
{Signet Ring- Bespoke }

Thursday, 8 March 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki

I know the 'Viva Glam Nicki' post has been a little overdone, but I was so excited when it dropped through my door a couple of days ago that I thought I'd give my two cents on it. I saw it online the day it was released and ordered it straight away! I've been looking for a bright pink lipstick to wear in summer but up until now, couldn't find the perfect shade. 

What I love about the colour of this lipstick is that it's warm and not at all blue toned like other pinks I own. I don't find blue tones particularly flattering on my skin tone and I'm not sure that many people do, whereas this colour is universally flattering and very pretty. The swatch I have shown, is probably the most true to the actual colour of the lipstick from all my photos. I think a flash makes it look slightly lighter but, flash or no flash this colour is stunning. It has an almost coral tone to the pink, so if you like that look, you will like this. 

The formula is a Satin which some people find drying but I don't mind it. If you wear it on moisturised lips then this isn't a problem and I don't find it to show up cracks on the lips any more than other lipsticks I own. You can also add a gloss on top as well which would change the appearance of the finish so I don't find the formula a disadvantage. Plus, it lasts better on my lips and is more pigmented than Glazes or Cremesheens so in that way it is bonus. The smell is also lovely. As I've mentioned so many times, MAC lipsticks smell the best out of any lipsticks I've owned.

This is a gorgeous product and I think it would suit a lot of different skin tones. It's also worthwhile because the full RRP (minus VAT) goes to the MAC Aids fund to help improve lives globally.

Does anyone else own Viva Glam Nicki? What are your thoughts?

Lips- MAC Viva Glam Nicki - Link

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Leopard Love

People that know me well, will know that I can't resist a bit of leopard print! I think it's universally flattering, as long as it's worn in the right way. This skirt was £16 from River Island which I think is a pretty reasonable price compared to other styles at the moment. I can't find it on the website to link it but you may still be able to find it in the shops. I love the skirt because it's the sort of thing you can wear during the day or on a night out, so it's a really versatile piece. I normally wouldn't wear it with tights but it's been so cold lately that I've had to cover up!

Skirt- River Island 
Top- H&M
Necklace- River Island


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Update #1

<insert obligatory new camera pose here> 
Just a quick update to let you all know what's been going on in my life and with my blog :) 

Firstly as many of you will have read I got my DSLR camera this week! It's the Canon 550D and it's a-mazing! The pictures it takes are incredible (except this one because it was taken in a mirror) and it was well worth the money. I also have the 50mm lens but haven't played around that much with it other than my sunglasses pictures. I wanted to try some outfit photos using it but it's rained pretty much all weekend (it's still raining now!) and since I prefer my photos outdoors I didn't end up using it. 

I have a university open day coming up this week for people who have offers. It's a fashion management course so I'm pretty excited to find out more about it. I've gotten to the point where I'm bored of the small town where I live and can't wait to move into the city in Septemeber/ October and experience the wider world-providing I get the grades, which means less time drinking tea and reading blogs...

I'm in the process of making an 'About Me' section for my blog which will include a few questions and answers and a little bio about me. If any of you have questions which you would be interested in knowing the answers to then leave them in a comment or e-mail me at I have created a 'Favourite Reads' section of my blog which features my favourite blogs at the moment. I'm sure you all follow them already but check it out anyway!

Also, I have made a twitter for my blog! I have a private twitter and was unsure whether I should just let you all know about that one but I've decided to have one dedicated to my blog where I can constantly chatter about fashion and make up to like minded people :) My twitter is thatssoPhoebe (link!), so please go ahead and follow me!

I think that's everything I wanted to say. I know it's the second update in two days but I had the Instagram one lined up and I really wanted to write this one as well! 


Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Week in Pictures #1

thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and make an Instagram post. I like being nosey and seeing what people are up to so I'm joining in! I don't seem to get up to as much as other bloggers because I'm at Sixth Form most of the time so I'm not sure how regularly I'll post these but here's my first week in pictures anyway :)

Lipsy Goodies | New Cosmopolitan Magazine | 50mm lens for my camera eeek! | Curly Hair | A Level Work | Marc Jacobs Sunnnies | Flower | Lush Butterball | Katy Perry Lashes and New Eyelash Curlers


Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

I love designer sunglasses but being a student, I've always had to admire them from afar as I just couldn't justify spending £100 on something that is more of a want than a need. However this all changed when I managed to WIN myself some on Lucy's give away! Having rarely won anything in my life I was so excited to read the e-mail telling me that I'd won and I had to check it numerous times to convince myself it wasn't just a hoax! 

The frames in question are the Marc by Marc Jacobs 130 Light Havana Sunglasses. I adore them. Black sunglasses can sometimes look heavy on my face, so this lighter brown is perfect for me and I love the mottled effect of them. I never imagined I'd win them so it just goes to show, you have to be 'in it to win it'!

On an exciting side note, I took the plunge and bought myself a DSLR camera with my savings! I know it will be an investment and will last me a long time. I went for the Canon 550D and also bought a 50mm to go with it. These pictures are my first shots whilst I'm getting to grips with all the settings, I hope you like them.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week so far, I did some naughty on line shopping yesterday so fingers crossed I have some more purchases to show you soon!