Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Summer Tribute: OOTD

I'm back! Just an update- After a nail biting summer and a stressful morning of checking UCAS at 6am, then subsquently every 5 minutes, I found out that I'd been accepted at my first choice university! I'm going to be studying a Fashion Management and Marketing degree and moving to a huge city to do it. It's so exciting, I really feel I'm on the path to achieving my dream career in the fashion industry.

Now on to the outfit. I bought this top from Topshop a couple of weeks ago and it's fast becoming my favourite top ever. It's a size 6 but it's still pretty huge (I'm normally a 6-8 in tops) and it's so flattering on. I love the injection of colour it brings to my wardrobe as I wear far too much black normally! It was expensive at £36 but with my student discount it wasn't bad, and I'd rather buy a staple piece I love that will take me through many seasons than something cheap that I'll wear once.

The jacket is another Topshop find. I've wanted to get a light-weight jacket for a while, and since I'm going to uni soon, I think I'll need something I can throw on if it's cold but not cold enough for my winter coat! It goes with so many things I know I'll get my use out of it! Khaki colours and military jackets are really on trend at the moment. This one captures the trend perfectly. It's also got loads of pockets and loose enough to wear a jumper underneath if it's colder- very practical!

I bought the studded bag very recently from Primark of all places! It's a nice shopper and doesn't really look cheap at all. I really think Primark has upped the quality of some of their items lately and I've bought more from there in the past couple of months than usual. I'm wearing my trusty Leigh jeans from Topshop again. They just go with everything! Seriously, if you don't have these in black, I can't recommend them enough. I probably shouldn't admit this but I think they've changed my life..

Also, comment if you'd be interested to hear a bit more about my Uni experience, such as what I've bought, how I'm preparing and how I settle in. 

Expect more posts to come shortly!


Jacket- Topshop (Link!)
Top- Topshop (Link!)
Bag- Primark
Shoes- Miss Selfridge
Leigh Jeans- Topshop
Bracelets- Assorted, Topshop & Miss Selfridge
Watch- River Island


  1. gorgeous as always :) xx

  2. Such a pretty top! Looks great with the khaki jacket :)

  3. Congrats on being accepted into Uni! Great news :)
    Love that top too, the print is a bit grungier than a standard floral print so it works really well with the military style jacket! Which, by the way, I soooo need to get my hands on - it's fab!
    Sarah xx

  4. i love the horizontal strap on your shoes! cute look


  5. Well Done! I got into my first choice to! I'm studying Writing in Fashion and Culture in southampton and I can't wait! I'm really nervous but I know that its an amazing opportunity and will be an amazing experience. I'm sure we will both have a great time xx

  6. Beautiful outfit :-) well donefor getting into your first choice, that's great news!!! Where will u be studying? Please say exeter :p i would love tohear more about your experience. I love reading your posts xxxx

  7. I want your lovely jacket! <3

  8. congrats for uni hun ! loving the primark shopper, they have been really good at the whole studded trend x

  9. The bag is gorgeous! I thought it was from Zara, not Primark! :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  10. Gorgeous outfit :) the bag is lovely xx

  11. Congratulations Phoebe, I hope you have love your Uni and the course! :D
    Lovely outfit, I need to get my hands on that Primark bag! X

  12. Aaah I love your outfit! The shoes, bag and top are absolutely perfect. I would totally wear this :) x