Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What I got for Christmas..

Benefit 'Confessions of a Concealaholic' | Sephora Instant Moisture Masks | Philosophy 'Have a Cherry Christmas' Bubble Bath | Naked Basics Pallette | Sephora Smoky Lash Mascara | Topshop 'Bowl Me Over' Glitter Polish
Vogue Subscription | 'Fashion and Textiles An Overview'  by Colin Gale and Jasbir Kaur | Vogue on Christian Dior | Vogue on Coco Chanel | Kindle Fire
Fiorelli Bag | Dachshund Ring Holder
Fur Gilet- Topshop
Cardigan- Jack Wills

I thought I'd write a quick 'What I got for Christmas' post as I love seeing what other people got for Christmas and this year I was particularly lucky with my presents. I did get a few other things but these were the ones I could locate and were my favourites.

Things to note: 

1) I bought myself the Naked Basics palette and the Jack Wills cardigan
The Naked Basics palette was a sort of Christmas present to myself after I bought my mum one for Christmas and couldn't resist getting my own. I got the Jack Wills cardigan in the Christmas sale after wanting it for ages. It had sold out online but I knew the Jack Wills near me still had them so I had a little look on Boxing Day and had to have it- it even had £50 off!

2) My boyfriend got me the Topshop Gilet (probably my favourite present, I feel like Millie Mackintosh every time I wear it! Is that strange?), the Makeup Forever Mascara and the Sephora face masks
The mascara is the best I've ever used, it's a shame it's quite expensive and not readily available, but as my boyfriend is often in Italy, I'm sure he will be able to bring me another back when I run out! The masks are a really cool concept, you make them up yourself by adding water! It looks like you are making up a protein shake and the consistency is a gel afterwards. I've only used these once and I like the results, but I will carry on using them and post a review up when I have tried them a bit more!

3) The Kindle was the main present from my Parents
Since going to University I often watch a lot of trashy TV shows in my free time and I wanted to get into reading but couldn't find the motivation. Although I love the smell and feel of a new book, I adore the Kindle. It's so easy to read on (you can hold it in one hand) and pleasant to read. As I have the Kindle Fire I can also use it as a tablet to surf the internet and play games- Cut the Rope is my favourite, and so addictive! It's fairly cheap for a tablet so if you're looking to get a Kindle or you're unsure, I really recommend the Kindle Fire! I also like the fact you can sample books before you buy them and there are often deals to get books really cheaply. 

My Parents also bought me the fashion books. Being a fashion student I can't resist a good fashion read! The Vogue Books are beautiful and so interesting, and the Fashion and Textiles book is great if you're seriously considering a degree in Fashion business/ buying. It's more like a textbook than a relaxing read but as I study Fashion and Textiles I find it very interesting!

Sorry if this post seemed like a bit of a ramble, I hope you liked it anyway! 
I'm going to upload an Outfit post soon this week too so look out for that. Hope everyone is settling back into their daily routines again, it's sad that Christmas is over but I'm looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings!




  1. loved it :) my dad bought me some sephora things for christmas when he came back home from singapore one of the things was this mascara in a smokey eye set! Cant wait to try it! You got lovely gifts I love them all xx

  2. OOOh you got some lovely things, that Sephora mask sounds so interesting, Id love to hear your thoughts on it :-)

  3. Ooh, you got some lovely things! I NEED that sausage dog ring holder in my life!! Xx.

  4. Really want to try the smoky lash! The gilets gorgeous too :)

  5. You got some lovely gifts hun! I was saving up for a kindle fire on the basis i could use it for books and to browse the net but then my boss gifted me an ipad for christmas! I would be tempted to get the standard kindle for books though as the ipad is a bit bulky to read on!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. xx

  6. You got some amazing things! I have the normal kindle (the one without the keyboard) but want the Kindle Fire HD. That Jack Wills cardigan is so cute!

    Gem x

  7. Great presents! I've got the Vogue on Alexander McQueen. Love those books!


  8. i really want some of the Vogue on books and the naked basics palette! just found your blog and i love it, following :)


  9. that ring holder is so cute!